Stray Cat Butts – Those Damn Stinkers

Stray cat butts happen.  It’s a fact.  Sometimes a challenge comes along I didn’t plan for.  Writing my novel, learning to play the guitar, and taking dramatic photos of the veggies I grow in my garden are objectives I’ve put down on paper and I am tackling them with all my butt-kicking strength.  Out of the blue, here comes an unexpected challenge, but worthy objective: The Spartan Race.  I wasn’t planning on it, nor had I even thought about it, but here it was.

If you are not familiar with the Spartan racing circuit, I will try to briefly explain.  It is a race full of challenging obstacles, like a rope climb, wall jumps, tire pulls, etc., and everything comes with mud, lots and lots of mud.  This isn’t something I’ve done before but my husband and a couple of friends were going to do it with me, so I was in.  As the race got closer, I started seeing some cat butts pop up.  My friends dropped out; they had really good reasons (not cat butts).  Like any person used to stumbling on fur covered ass and tail, I started thinking about some excuses to dropout too, but all I came up with were sad little cat butts.  Besides, my husband was still going . . . .until he told me he wasn’t.  So here is the cat butt conundrum: I could drop out; after all, I didn’t pay for it.  I volunteered my time during the race course build in return for free entry.  (My husband helped with this and we got free hoodies out of the deal.)  No one would really blame me if I dropped out, but I could not stomach the idea of a random cat butt getting in my way.   After all, I’m on a mission to tackle useless excuses that make me feel better about not finishing something I start, right?  Just because I was a little scared about running this Hari-kari race on my own wasn’t a good reason; it was just a cat butt.  And I kicked its ass.

I won’t lie; the race was tough and I didn’t complete every obstacle challenge.  (Each challenge a racer failed meant completing 30 burpees before continuing.)  However, I did complete more obstacles than I failed and I finished the race quite bruised and muddy, but I finished.  To top it off, I had a great time; I will most definitely do it again.

Spartan Race 2014. Karen kicking some cat butt

Spartan Race 2014. Karen kicking some cat butt

So “IN YOUR FACE RANDOM CAT BUTT!”  I beat you! I feel like saying, “Look kiddies, if I can do it, you can too.”  But that sounds goofy.  The fact is random cat butts are always going to pop up.  Some of them will be fatter and stinkier than others.  I might not always beat them either, but I am certainly going to try.  I’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Another cat butt “done gone”!


Beyond the Cat Butt

In my very first post, I let you know that I am out to kick all the cat butts (excuses) in the way of my goals, but I didn’t say what my goals were.  Well, I have quite a few, but the biggest and most compelling is to start and finish the novel that has been living in my head for the past two years. I hope you weren’t expecting me to say I wanted to climb Kilimanjaro or swim across one of the great lakes. Yes, that would be a momentous goal and I am not saying I won’t attempt those challenges, but for some reason, writing my novel seems like a bigger challenge.

I have auxiliary goals as well that I started, but then let cat butts get in may way, and they are just sitting there…. Waiting.  Here is a sampling:

  1. Learn Italian. I bought the RosettaStone learning kit, but I haven’t even opened the box.  Fail!
  2. Learn to play the guitar. I bought a guitar and started taking lessons, but then took a break (because of a giant cat butt) and never started back again. Another Fail.
  3. Learn a new technique each day from Adobe Tutorials. I’ve bookmarked over a hundred and mastered three. Epic Fail.
Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Jsome1

Image via Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of Jsome1

I could go on with a few more, but you get the idea. I let myself succumb to the cat butt fatigue.  The reason for this blog is bigger than just chronicling my struggle to kick some butts; it serves several purposes.  The most obvious reason is to get me used to writing on a regular basis again. As you can tell (if you have made it this far), I am pretty rusty. All the great writing elements that writers use to keep readers engaged are non-existent in my poor excuse for writing.  By blogging, I know I will get better. I will become more creative; and by the time I work my way up to actually penning my book, I hope to have the confidence and drive to finish.

This blogging method of improvement didn’t come to me by chance. I have to give a shout out to Kristen Lamb  – the most impressive blogger I have ever run across.  Kristen, I’ve followed your blog for over a year now, and I am here in the blogosphere because of you.  Yes, it did take me a while; I let the cat butts get the best of me.

Here we go! One cat butt at a time, I am making my way out from under fur and cat ass.  This is no easy journey; it is taking me out of my routine of making excuses why I can’t do the things I enjoy.

Kicking another cat butt by making this post!


Cat Butts on Parade

Crazy Cat Butts Buts….. Yes, it is a strange title, but there is a reason behind it.  Today is the day I stop getting sidetracked by all the crazy cat butts in my life. I’m the sort of person who has grand ideas about the things I want to accomplish and start out with all the best intentions, but then I get side tracked by whatever.  I call “whatever” a cat butt. Why? Because it is always in the way – stinking, smelling, in-your-face, little puckering cat butt.

Today is the day I start kicking some cat butts out of my way and start doing what I need to do to live my life.  So this is the start – a blog. Believe it or not, it is on the list for many reasons. One reason is to keep me on track. Another is that it leads to some other bigger goals. If you hang with me, you will learn all about them and how I go about kicking some cat butts.

Right now, this blog is kind of bare bones, but it will get better.  Everyday, another cat butt is going to get kicked out of my face. So here it is, a line in the sand (no cat turds allowed).  This is the beginning.