Cat Butts on Parade

Crazy Cat Butts Buts….. Yes, it is a strange title, but there is a reason behind it.  Today is the day I stop getting sidetracked by all the crazy cat butts in my life. I’m the sort of person who has grand ideas about the things I want to accomplish and start out with all the best intentions, but then I get side tracked by whatever.  I call “whatever” a cat butt. Why? Because it is always in the way – stinking, smelling, in-your-face, little puckering cat butt.

Today is the day I start kicking some cat butts out of my way and start doing what I need to do to live my life.  So this is the start – a blog. Believe it or not, it is on the list for many reasons. One reason is to keep me on track. Another is that it leads to some other bigger goals. If you hang with me, you will learn all about them and how I go about kicking some cat butts.

Right now, this blog is kind of bare bones, but it will get better.  Everyday, another cat butt is going to get kicked out of my face. So here it is, a line in the sand (no cat turds allowed).  This is the beginning.

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